Anna Corona

Partner, Licensed Real Estate Agent

+1 (917) 557 0213

About Anna Corona

Anna is a young striving professional who has extensive background in various occupations. She is well-traveled and has a wide international exposure. Anna has lived in Poland, Russia, Italy and currently resides in New York, US. She is a huge enthusiast of cryptocurrencies, digital markets and blockchain technology and hopes to incorporate that knowledge into future of digital real estate. 

She has had experience working in quantitative finance, investment banking, supply chain and business development before she started real estate business with Yangzi Realty International. Anna believes that the right proportion of acquired hard and soft skills allows her to take care of the most demanding clients and their needs just right.

Anna is specializing both in commercial and residential real estate market in the states of New York and Florida as well as looking forward to expand her client base far beyond that.

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