Andro Elizbarashvili

Licensed Real Estate Agent

+1 (347) 348 8449

About Andro Elizbarashvili

Andro is originally from the Republic of Georgia; he lived in Cologne, Germany, for seven years before coming to the United States. In Cologne, he played soccer professionally and studied at German Sport University of Cologne.
After coming to the United States, Andro has lived in New York and thinks that this is the greatest city in the world!
He has 10 years of experience in sales. After selling cars, he started in fashion industry. He has always been passionate about fashion. Winner of the Best Dressed nomination in Macy's Herald Square, and Multi Million Dollar Club member in Gucci 2017, 2018, 2019.
In 2019-2020 Andro made close to 4 million dollars in sales at Rolex Tourneau. In eight months he was promoted to the position of key-holder/sales manager at Rolex Tourneau on 510 Madison Avenue - the largest Rolex store in the US.
Andro has always had a drive to sell and very much enjoys the process. Becoming a real estate agent has been one of his goals!
Andro is people-oriented, has great communication and leadership skills; he is a good team player and knows what it really means. With his personal approach and positive attitude he always wins the loyalty of clients.

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